Dhobi Ghat- unruffled time through Mumbai Diaries

In a complex time, we live the world. We eagerly wait to see something happening in favour of our minds, but alas that’s such an incredibly impossible wish. I was actually roaming around YouTube and found my favourite Mumbai superstar, actor, Aamir Khan as a painter and giving some wild looks to the lens.

I went through the official trailer of Dhobi Ghat or the Mumbai Diaries. The film narrates story of four Mumbai people, having dilemmas and confusions, circling around their lives, yet they try to come up with solutions which may or may not work.

I hope you’d enjoy the following embeds on the film. Have a nice go through.

The Director, Kiran Rao, wife of Aamir Khan gives an interview

The interesting press conference of Dhobi Ghat

Dhobi Ghat- unruffled time through Mumbai Diaries