Taufique Ahmed

Taufique Ahmed

I am involved with a television media in Bangladesh, which is popularly known as Channel i, the leading private satellite TV in Bangladesh, for ten years now.

I am currently the Assistant General Manager of the News & Current Affairs Department at Channel i.


responds to viewers’ questions, comments and/or complaints regarding news programming/scheduling

monitors the social media, principally, facebook, twitter and YouTube and others

participates in the development of station goals, policies and procedures
Corresponding and Coordinating with International Broadcasters, News Agency, Weather News Service Provider

works as researcher for three agricultural news based documentaries, Weekly doing the English Subtitles of those agro-news based documentaries

coordinates the high-level visits of the International Broadcasters, International Organizations, Chiefs of UN affiliated organizations and International Donors, Business Entrepreneurs, Ambassadors and High Commissioners

produces television talk shows (socio-political) under the NCA department, some of which include high-level guests like DDG, Operations of FAO, Manoj Juneja; Nobel Laureate Amartya Sen; José Graziano da Silva, the DG of FAO, IFAD’s President: Kanayo F. Nwanze and H.E. Dan W. Mozena, the US Ambassador to Bangladesh,

My life took a big turn after my two online journalism & web 2.0 trainings in 2009, respectively in Macau and Bonn, Germany. Deutsche Welle Akademie helped me achieve this great honour and experience.

Since the year 2009, I got more and more interested towards online journalism, web 2.0, social media, networking, peer broadcasting with the great belief that yes people are getting connected in a real social way and it is now way better than what was happening a decade back. My dream is to work for an international broadcaster and it’d be just too good to work with online or radio division.

I love literature and films. I can barely manage any time to read books.


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