Time baffles helpless couple in Dhaka

In Dhaka the thing that you should drop on the road and in the offices is ‘Time’. Photo:flickr.com/monkeyc.net

Time is a barrier in Bangladesh. Even the issue of corruption rises from this point. Circling around every sector, this is the judgment which I had to make.

After my marriage, I couldn’t make much time to go out with my wife. I got a very packed vacation. I’m a journalist and can’t always feel free. However, my wife got so sick for the last few days. Then, I thought it’s been quite long pondering over the issue that she might get cured naturally. Yesterday (5th of September, 2010) I took her to a doctor at Dhanmondi residential area of Dhaka.

Dhanmondi isn’t that far from my home, but it took me quite long as of heavy traffic on the road. She was feeling very sick on the road and I was wondering how fast I could move her to the doc’s place. Unfortunately, due to Eid shopping around the city of Dhaka every alternative roads were jammed like the one, over which I was trying to speed up.

Making an appointment

Finally, we reached the doctor’s place. Before going there I made an appointment with her and her assistant told me to come at 3 PM. I reached the clinic right at 3:07 PM. Then, the waiting started. My wife and I were so surprised as we couldn’t find the doctor! She wasn’t there for us. She wasn’t there for any of her patients.

Like this way, we waited until 4:45 PM when the doctor walked in so sloth and disgusted like the receptionist that we encountered at the front desk. The receptionist was so irritated because I went up to her desk for several times and asked why the doctor is getting late. She surprised me with her answer, ‘I called the doctor and she said if the lobby is full of patients, only then she’ll start’ (Point to be noted- we went there in time and saw very few patients waiting at the lobby. Then we came to know those people and we were first-timers here).

The arrival

However, the doctor brought a very comfortable and relaxing smile on her face as if things are like this on the city. Interestingly, most of the patients, waiting at the lobby, came quite late even after making an early appointment as they knew this doctor is just so special in maintaining time. Still, she’s so famous- that’s why people knock her door and she earns money very quickly.

My wife had the first call as patient. When I was just about to log in to facebook from my mobile, then my wife came out from the doctor’s room within five minutes. I asked her whether the doctor has even introduced herself! My wife’s reply was no and no. She was quite surprised because how was it even possible now that the doctor could so shrewdly save her time while cheating the patients!

Prescribing patients is all

Only with a sign on the prescription of the doctor and the names of some medicines, my wife didn’t get any accurate suggestions which might assist her in future. I thought, yes…that’s why I never go to doctors in this country, because most of them are as ugly as this one.  Then, the rapid wallet-opening for nothing. Some illogical physical tests to earn the commission from the laboratory the doctor knows- that was also written on the prescription.

The hapless couple came down the stairs and had a wonderful rickshaw journey. It was wonderful because the waiting was so painful for both of us. We thought how time is being saved in this city and what are the means to avoid people with a very loving smile when you fail to fulfill your agenda or duty. And, how to take away the money without even giving any service.

Lessons learned.

Time baffles helpless couple in Dhaka

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