Brazil and Argentina goes out of WC 2010 quite naturally

World’s biggest sporting event is about to end in couple of days. The fever is going to end- and that’s how it is. But, the so-called super powers have been knocked out of the world cup quite easily, I would say.

I’m a Brazil supporter. In Bangladesh, most of the people support either Brazil or Argentina. Due to the blessing of EPL and Spanish league, people have started supporting Spain and England, except for some who have been supporting England for a long time. Well, it’s good to see that people are supporting a game which is not more than 120 minutes!

Because, the national game, Cricket is like a burden for us. Both in shorter (One-day cricket!) and in the longer (Test cricket for five days!!!) version of this game, we’ve been losing quite easily by big margin, but the investment at this game never stopped. And, of course, cricket is such a languid game that it frequently takes me away from the attraction.

In many places of our country, during football world cup there are thousands of flags of different countries, participating in the world cup. It’s so awesome to look at those. And, I’m so foolish that I couldn’t get a snap of that, yet! If I’m alive until the next world cup , then I promise I’ll get some shots to let people see what the football world cup means to the Bangladeshi people… in a country where the national sport is cricket!

Let’s come to the two big giants of this year’s football world cup. Dunga-ruled Brazil and of course Maradona-led Argentina. A robot and a controversial hero. None of them had any experience of coaching. Getting around with the ball doesn’t mean that you can coach a team and bring smiles on millions of faces of your motherland.

As a Brazil supporter, I was so shocked to see such a bad team from the very beginning. Frankly, I didn’t like the players. Players like Gilberto Silva, Bastos, Felipe Melo- these three were never in my list to be selected. But, the wonder boy, Dunga, recruited them. And, what did the big stars do? I’m talking about Kaka and Alves. They didn’t harm the opponent a bit for even a single second. Only Maicon kept on running from back to front pitch. 

Dunga kept on playing Bastos and brought some very unwanted substitutes on to the field. Nilmar had a bit potentiality, but he got merely any chance to prove that. And he was in a hurry to show his skills. I was waiting for the final moment of Brazil’s departure. And, yes, Brazil finally went out, and they went out naturally, not as super heroes or supernaturals. Netherlands basically beat the hell out of them. The villain was Felipe Melo who never showed his class except for the through ball to Robinho when he scored against Netherlands.

I don’t want to comment on Felipe Melo. And, I missed two very vital players- Ramires and Ronaldinho (Though Dunga thought Ronaldinho is not an effective player! God knows, whether he ever believed in Brazilian magic. That’s why he dropped a magician from his team due to personal clash)

Meanwhile, Dunga and his entire coaching staff is already sacked and that’s fair.

Argentina. For the very first time, I felt like yes they’re going to win the cup with the help of a legendary man, suddenly started being used to with suits and ties with a very healthy looking coaching staff on his back.

Maradona, the famous footballer became the coach of Argentina and after many struggles, finally made sure that Argentina is going to play in the 2010 world cup. But, the ticket to world cup somehow wasn’t used until the end of the show.

Germany was just too good…too ruthless and too aggressive for them to handle. Germany, a football team now, that anyone would dream to be. I really wish and hope that this team win the world cup. And, why not? As I’m writing very personally on this blog, I’d say they’re the ones who deserve the world cup. And, I’d be really very happy for that. 

In Bangladesh, people are very sad and angry because their teams Brazil and Argentina are already out of the cup. But, this blog suggests you to believe that Brazil and Argentina were basically kicked out of the cup, because they just didn’t really deserve it. And, I don’t know when Argentina will get their chance again to win the cup. 

So, very best wishes for Germany- a team which really took my love as a football audience. And, I would like to end this blog, saying that Brazil and Argentina never deserved the cup and they went out very naturally, not because they were unlucky, because their strategy and skills never matched.

Au revoir. Thanks for patient reading.

Brazil and Argentina goes out of WC 2010 quite naturally

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