Radio knocks my conscience as a TV guy

My grandmother brought out a radio from her almira. I was prying about this machine. She got it as a present from my cousin who works in a local radio station in Bangladesh as a news presenter.

I started changing the bands. Started listening to some climate change issue-based programmes on BBC Bangla service. Tried really hard to tune DW radio (Either Bangla or English), then failed to tune any language service from DW. I hope there’ll be some solution in the future to my problem.

Really enjoyed my time though with this little machine. During my childhood, I used to listen to radio a lot, but now a days, being a modified television guy, I became quite obfuscated with the tracks and trends of this technological life; only then, I went on to discover the technological divide, if it’s the right way to proclaim the valid truth.

I’ll listen to it every time I’m having my dinner at home and will keep on trying to tune DW radio service.

Radio knocks my conscience as a TV guy

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